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Voting Information in District 100

Early Voting:

is at Charles Washington Hall October 26 – November 5

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (including Saturdays)


Saturday Voting: October 29 and November 5

(Note: Early Voting is not offered on Sundays.)


Election Day:

Polls are open 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.



13: CW Shipley Elementary – 652 Shipley School Rd, Harpers Ferry

14: Camp Hill-Wesley United Methodist– 645 Washington St, Harpers Ferry

15: Harpers Ferry Middle School – 1710 W Washington St, Harpers Ferry

17: Blue Ridge Acres Community Club – 935 Country Club Dr, Harpers Ferry

21A: Blue Ridge Elementary School – 18866 Charles Town Rd, Harpers Ferry

21B: Blue Ridge Elementary School – 18866 Charles Town Rd, Harpers Ferry

31: Covenant Baptist Church – 7485 Shepherdstown Pike, Shepherdstown

32: Bethel United Methodist Church – 855 Carter Ave, Bakerton

33: Trinity Episcopal Church – 208 W German St, Shepherdstown

36: Driswood Elementary – 75 Caspian Way, Shenandoah Junction

Constitutional Amendments

Four State Constitutional Amendments on the West Virginia Ballot in November That May Impact YOU.

The following is informative only and not intended to tell you how to vote, but simply help you learn more about these issues so you can do additional research and make an informed decision before voting.

Amendment No. 1: Clarification of the Judiciary’s Role in Impeachment Proceedings:
This proposed amendment would remove the courts ability to intervene in any impeachment proceeding or judgement. The primary concern with this is that is removes the judicial branch from legal matters, which plays a vital role in the balance of power, due process, and fairness.

Amendment No. 2: Property Tax Modernization
This proposed amendment is most often referenced as the inventory tax amendment. It would add machinery, inventory, and other tangible business property to the list of exemptions from taxation. This has long been a concern for businesses who feel the tax is additional burden to having the necessary goods and equipment required to maintain and operate their business effectively and efficiently.

Amendment No. 3: Incorporation of Churches or Religious Denominations
This proposed amendment would allow churches and other religious organizations to incorporate in the state. The benefit of incorporation for any organization is limited liability.

Amendment No. 4: Education Accountability
This proposed amendment would make it so the rules and policies of the State Board of Education would be subject to legislative review. The concern is it would politicize the education system and lead to the additional loss of educators in West Virginia.

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