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Letter to the Editor from Chris Craig

The Journal

Susan Benzinger for 100th District Delegate


Here in the newly formed 100th District (including Harper's Ferry and Shepherdstown), we have a great candidate for Delegate in Susan Benzinger. Susan's background in business, her legal training, and her involvement in the community has prepared her well to represent us.


In a legislature that has raided public school funds for unaccountable private education, Susan will fight to fund and support quality schools in West Virginia. She believes teachers must have confidence that state government and the public have their backs as they teach accurate American history and critical thinking skills.


Susan will do her best to see that West Virginia water and lands are protected in a legislature seemingly hellbent to subsidize cleaning up the messes of fossil fuel companies and waiving restrictions on chemical storage.


Susan has promised to work for high-speed internet across the Mountain State, support public employees, and address the crisis in the state's foster-care system.


Many West Virginia legislators have railed against big government only to pass laws restricting our most basic and personal freedoms. Susan, in contrast, has said, "I will support legislation that keeps the government at bay in our daily lives, and will not support restriction on our rights to live as we wish."


In his campaign interviews, Susan's opponent mainly rails against President Biden and federal over-reach. He has little to say about the problems in this state that perennially runs at the bottom of the pack in health and economic rankings.


In November, please vote for Susan Benzinger, a delegate will focus on the people of West Virginia and its pressing issues.


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