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Meet Susan

Susan moved to Shannondale nearly a decade ago with her husband Ray. A retired pension attorney, Susan now volunteers in and with her community. 


Susan is on the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission and is a proud graduate of Leadership Jefferson Class XV sponsored by the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. She was recently appointed to the Jefferson Day Report Center Board of Directors.


As part of their commitment to public education, Susan and Ray sponsor a scholarship to Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.

Why I'm Running.

To actually fix the issues we've been talking about for decades. 


We need clean drinking water, rivers, and streams:

  • Much of the 100th district has KARST making it difficult to protect our drinking water

  • Clean water is necessary for livestock and crops

  • Clean rivers and streams support our tourist industry


We need high speed internet in our homes and in our businesses. We need it now to:

  • Allow children to do homework at home (a six-year-old should not have to do homework in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant)

  • Permit people to work at home or run small businesses from home

  • Attract new businesses and make existing businesses more competitive

  •  Increase home values

We need to educate our children for bright and successful futures, by:

  •  Providing them with the best learning experiences possible

  • Increasing the pay for our teachers and school service workers (including locality pay) so that they will stay with our school systems

  • Ensuring they have access to technology and supplies

100th District:  My district is the result of the new one-delegate district system WV recently enacted. Simply put:  I want the best person to represent our communities in Charleston and I believe I am that person because I don’t just talk, I do. It’s more than just holding people accountable, it’s about showing results to the people at home. 

The Difference:  What makes me different from other candidates?  I’m not going to promise you the moon and stars. I’m not going to promise to do something that as a single legislator simply isn’t possible. What I can promise you is that I’m in it for the right reasons - the concerns we share that have no political affiliation:  we just want a better future for the place we call home. I’m not always going to say what people want to hear, but what they need to know. 

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