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Straight facts about the new 100th Delegate District

BY SUSAN BENZINGER Shannondale resident
EDITOR’S NOTE: Susan Benzinger comments respond to a letter to the editor by Shannondale Joanne Curran published in the May 4 issue of the Spirit. I recently read a letter to the editor in the Spirit speaking to residents of “the Mountain” who live in “its own state delegate district, the 100th District.” But there’s more to the story, so let’s set the record straight.

You might be asking “why is there even a new 100th District”? After the most recent census was conducted, our state legislature was required to redraw (also called redistricting) our delegate map so that each district would represent approximately the same number of people. As part of the redistricting effort, the state legislature also used the opportunity to create singledelegate districts (some old districts were multi-member and could be very confusing).

That is how the 100th District was created. It combines the previous 66th and 67th legislative districts. Since none of the previously elected delegates live in the newly created 100th district, there is no incumbent.

New District 100 covers rich and diverse areas of Jefferson County. There are approximately 17,500 people in the new district and in terms of real estate, it stretches from the border with Virginia, including Loudoun and Clarke counties, to and including portions of Shepherdstown. So if you live in Shannondale, Lake Forest, Riverside, River View Park, Shannonwood, Blue Ridge Acres, Mannings, Millville, Bloomery (some portions), Harpers Ferry, Bolivar, Bakerton, Uvilla or the corporation of Shepherdstown—congratulations! You are now part of the 100th legislative district. If you live in between these areas, you most likely live in the 100th. If you aren’t sure, check your address at West Virginia Secretary of State’s website at, the the site’s “Elections” tab.

The District 100 includes a number of different neighborhoods and a broad range of issues. Therefore, the delegate we elect in November must be able to adequately represent these needs and perspectives to Charleston and the rest of the Mountain State. Whether you are lucky enough to be in the 100th or one of our neighboring districts, your participation in the general election is essential to ensuring equal representation in the state legislature.

Susan Benzinger is a Democratic candidate for the new 100th State Delegate District seat.

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